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Use Case: Real-time delivery plans without the expensive planning events

Delivery Managers often grapple with the challenge of managing cross-team dependencies efficiently, especially during Program Increment (PI) planning. Recognizing the need for streamlined processes, stakeholders seek a solution to enable digital PI planning, which can effectively visualize and manage these dependencies.

1. Initiation

The team identifies the necessity for digital PI planning as a means to streamline the Program Increment (PI) planning process. Concurrently, stakeholders acknowledge the intricate nature of cross-team dependencies and the imperative need for a tool that can effectively visualize and manage them.

2. Implementation

Initially, the Dependency Mapper for Jira is seamlessly installed into the existing Jira instance. Subsequently, the plugin is configured to capture and display cross-team dependencies on digital PI planning boards using their own project filters and JQL queries. To ensure a smooth transition, comprehensive training sessions are conducted to acquaint teams with the functionalities and capabilities of the new tool.

3. Execution

With the groundwork laid, teams proceed to create digital PI planning boards within Jira, incorporating various backlog items, user stories, and features. Leveraging the capabilities of Dependency Mapper, teams are able to effortlessly identify and visualize dependencies between different backlog items across teams. Collaborative efforts are then employed to address and resolve dependencies, ensuring alignment during PI planning sessions.

4. Outcome

As a result of these efforts, digital PI planning emerges as a more efficient and transparent process. Teams benefit from enhanced insights into cross-team dependencies, which fosters improved coordination and alignment across the board. Consequently, PI planning outcomes exhibit heightened accuracy and achievability, attributable to the augmented visibility into dependencies afforded by Dependency Mapper for Jira.

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