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Use Case: From dependency crime board to real-time dependency control

Portfolio Managers are often tasked with ensuring the smooth functioning and health of the overall delivery pipeline. Recognising the critical role that dependencies play in the system's health, stakeholders are keen to understand and address any known bottlenecks that may impact their roadmaps, which includes tightly-coupled dependencies between teams.

1. Initiation

Stakeholders embark on a journey to increase visibility into the overall health of the system of work. Understanding the pivotal role dependencies play in shaping system health, their focus shifts towards effective dependency tracking and management.

2. Implementation

To address this, the Dependency Mapper for Jira is installed within the Jira environment. The tool is configured to capture and visually represent dependencies across the spectrum of projects and teams. Additionally, stakeholders define key metrics aimed at gauging system health, leveraging dependency data as a pivotal component.

3. Execution

In the execution phase, the Dependency Mapper diligently undertakes the task of continuously updating and visualizing dependencies within the system of work. Stakeholders gain access to dependency dashboards and reports, providing them with a panoramic view of dependency trends and highlighting areas warranting attention. Concurrently, regular reviews are conducted to meticulously assess the impact of dependencies on project delivery and the overall system health.

4. Outcome

The culmination of these efforts yields a transformative outcome: stakeholders are empowered with end-to-end transparency into the system of work's health. Armed with this enhanced visibility, stakeholders can now identify and proactively address dependency-related issues, thus minimising project risks. Ultimately, decision-making processes are streamlined by nuanced insights into dependency management, driving improved project outcomes across the board.

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