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Use Case: A clear path to project success with the map for all dependencies

Project Managers frequently encounter the complexity of managing dependencies across teams, particularly when orchestrating delivery sync meetings. Acknowledging the importance of effective dependency management in ensuring smooth project execution, stakeholders prioritise leveraging dependency charts from the Dependency Mapper for Jira.

1. Initiation

Delivery teams frequently face challenges in effectively managing and resolving dependencies during sync meetings. Recognising these hurdles, stakeholders acknowledge the necessity for automated dependency reports to streamline the meeting process and enhance outcomes.

2. Implementation

To address these challenges, Dependency Mapper for Jira is seamlessly integrated into the existing Jira instance. Following integration, custom reports are configured within the plugin to automatically generate dependency reports based on predefined JQL queries and project filters. Additionally, notifications and scheduling options are established to ensure the timely delivery of reports before scheduled sync meetings.

3. Execution

As part of the execution phase, automated dependency reports are generated and disseminated to relevant stakeholders ahead of delivery sync meetings. Teams diligently review these reports, leveraging them to identify dependencies, blockers, and potential risks. Subsequent discussions during sync meetings are greatly informed by the insights provided in the dependency reports.

4. Outcome

The implementation of automated dependency reports yields tangible improvements in the outcomes of delivery sync meetings. With enhanced focus and productivity, teams proactively address dependencies and blockers, thereby mitigating delays in project delivery. Ultimately, stakeholders gain heightened confidence in project progress and are better equipped to make informed decisions, thus driving project success.

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