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Value Proposition

Your single source of truth for hassle-free dependency management

Managing dependencies is a common problem for software development teams. It can be hard to keep track of all the different things that need to get done, especially when you have multiple teams working on projects at once. This can lead to missed dates, delayed releases, and many other undesirable outcomes.

But what if your team could see all their dependencies laid out in one place? This would make it easier for everyone involved to manage tasks and stay up-to-date with progress across the board!

That's where the Dependency Mapper comes in. The Dependency Mapper plugin for Jira creates visual representations of your Jira interdependencies to give you full oversight on the sequence and progress of your work. You'll also be able to monitor issues from both a top-down and bottom-up perspective, allowing your entire team (or even stakeholders) quickly identify bottlenecks - before they become problems!

All at your desktop, your data is transformed and stored locally meaning it is safe and secure.

  • Get full transparency of your dependencies

  • Understand where the key bottlenecks are to assist in organisational design

  • Enable data-driven insights to highlight point-in-time links

  • On-demand updates ensure your data is always fresh

  • Visually engaging and presentation-ready

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