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What is a dependency?

What is the definition of a dependency?

When we talk about a dependency, it is based on the scenario where an item of work (e.g. Story, Task, Epic etc.) can not be resolved until another item of work has been resolved prior. The ‘dependency’ is the linkage, or relationship, between those two work items.

What are the elements of a dependency within Jira?

In the context of Jira, more specifically the Dependency Mapper for Jira app, there are three key elements that we use to identify a dependency

  1. The Jira issue that raised the dependency, or the issue that is dependent on another issue in some way

  2. The Jira issue that received the dependency, or the issue that must be resolved before the dependent Jira issue can also be resolved

  3. The type of dependency recorded, or the Issue Link type that was used to identify the dependency in Jira

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